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Dimensional advertising products apply your brand to a useful, long-lasting
and appreciated item that fosters goodwill toward your brand.

Increase your brand power with the most proven cost
effective form of advertising available today.

With over half a million products from which to choose,
which is the right one?

  • Complete Marketing Plans from conception to completion
  • Tradeshows including: booth design & placement, support material, pre-show mailers, post-show follow-up
  • Apparel including Caps, Outerwear, Tees, Sweats, Fleece, Screen print, Embroidery, Transfers
  • Lead Generation, New Client Acquisition and Existing Client Retention
  • Environmental-friendly including Organics & Recycled Materials
  • Customer Appreciation & Employee Incentive programs
  • Complete Tournament & Event Planning

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Our marketing team is ready for your next project, here's an example of a successful campaign.

The "Pencil Me In..." campaign, designed to creatively open potential doors of opportunities with clients and prospects.

We've all been in the situation where no number of V.M. or messages get responses yet you have something your prospect needs and can benefit from if you can just garner 10 minutes of their time.


This campaign garnered an 80% "appointment set" R.O.I.

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Cover imprinted with company
logo & return address
Backside imprinted with sender's name and statement, broken down to 25 per salesperson.
Spine Imprint

Guts of the mailer had a pre-cut foam tray with 25 sheet post-it note pad & pencil both branded with "Thanks for penciling me in" as well as a business card slot with the specific salesman's business card.

The entire piece was shrink wrapped and ready for an Avery clear label with recipient's name/address.

We have no control over the success of any campaign. Your sales staff will have to follow protocol: they will have to diligently mail out half a dozen of their personalized pieces every week and do their follow up phone calls asking for the appointment. Once they get the appointment they will still have to close the sale. This campaign can get your horses to the watering trough, if they drink is up to them. More creative ideas below

New View on Creativity

With a nod towards the retro trend, this campaign soothes the anxiety of an unclear future by bringing your business into sharp focus. A view finder, imprinted with your logo on the front as well as in the center of the picture wheel, is a fun throwback to simpler times. Each slide is described in a full colored brochure, stamped with your contact information and logo. Your business card is secured to the inside flap to complete this alluring package.

Apples To Oranges

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but an orange in the mail, never fails! Entice your customers with an orange stress reliever nestled in a field of grass-like images. Your business information is printed on the inside flap of this customized carton. Thanks to the citrus sticks hidden beneath the stress reliever, your customers will have a soothing, orange aroma waft over them as soon as they break the seal.

The Jury Is Out

The Jury is Out set arrives in a custom printed box and includes a miniature manila file folder with three case histories for your review. With a campaign complete with your business card and a finely crafted gavel, you'll be found guilty of innovative marketing.